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Reffing Division 1 Games

Build-out Lines for Division 2 (f.k.a. U10)

As of Spring 2019, we have a new rule that applies only on GOAL KICKS in Division 2 (f.k.a. U10) and Division 1 (f.k.a. U8). We are using a “build-out line”.  This line will be drawn on each half of the field from sideline to sideline, halfway between the center line and the penalty area.  The purpose is to encourage teams to learn to “build out” their attack from their defensive end by being able to easily and successfully pass goal kicks directly to teammates to begin the attack without opposing players nearby.  If the line is not drawn on the field, please set out cones on each side of the field to indicate the where the lines should be for the players.  

On goal kicks, the opposing (non-kicking) team’s players must now move behind the build-out line and cannot come forward across the line until the goal kick has been taken and the ball has left the penalty area.  A violation will result in a free kick on the build-out line at the spot of the encroachment.  (If a goal kick is played by any player before it leaves the penalty area, the usually rule that it must be retaken still applies.)

However, the kicking team has the option to take the kick before all of the other team’s players have moved beyond the build-out line, in which case there would be no encroachment violation.  Refs will be encouraged to use common sense discretion to enforce this new rule in the spirit in which it is intended.

ARs should position themselves on goal kicks at or toward the build-out line so that they can assist the Center Ref in calling encroachment (raise flag to signal).

You should not give “do-overs” for bad throw-ins.  But remember the philosophy of not calling too many “trifling” violations (very minor infractions that don’t give an unfair advantage).

No intentional heading below Division 4 (f.k.a. U14).  Award an indirect free kick for a violation.

Division 2 is 8 v 8, minimum 5. 

Division 3 is 9 v 9, minimum 6.

Divisions 4
and 5 are 11 v 11, minimum 8.  (Discuss variances with coaches.)

Divisions 2 and 3 use Size 4 ball.  Divisions 4 and  5 use Size 5.

No jewelry is allowed.  It is not ok to tape over earrings.

Playing with casts is not allowed.

Rubber baseball cleats are OK as long as no jagged edges.

The ball is not in play on a goal kick until it leaves the penalty area.   In Division 1 and 2 this is in addition to the build-out-line rules.  The kicking team can have as many players in the penalty area as they want but the opposing team can play the ball until it leaves the area.  If violated, redo the kick.

Game Timing

All games are timed per half with RUNNING TIME from start to the end of the half.   Do not stop the clock for sub-breaks.

NOTE:  Please enforce the one-minute sub break lengths. This is NOT a "period" break for players, coaches or refs.  Remind the coaches it's one minute.  During the break, ARs stay in position; center refs: stay with the ball where the restart will take place, look at your watch andblow the whistle after 30 seconds to let the teams know they need to get moving back onto the field.  If they aren't starting to come back out by 45 seconds, blow your whistle again more loudly and, if necessary at 60 even louder while shouting “Coach(es), let’s go, clock is running.” Hopefully you will soon have the coaches trained so we can get the ball back in play within 60 seconds!

Here at the game lengths:

  • Division 1 is 20 minute halves with one RUNNING TIME sub break (should be ONE minute) about half way through, so from aboutminute 9 1/2 to minute 10 1/2.

  • Division 2 is 25 minute halves with one RUNNING TIME sub break (should be ONE minute) about half way through, so from aboutminute 12 to minute 13.
  • Division 3 is 30 minute halves with one RUNNING TIME sub break (should be ONE minute) about half way through, so from aboutminute 14:30 to minute 15:30.

  • Division 4 is 35 minute halves with one RUNNING TIME sub break (should be ONE minute) about half way through, so from aboutminute 17 to minute 18. 

  • Division 5 is 45 minute halves with free subbing.

Half time is 5 minutes, but go to at least 7 if very hot.

Why Aren't the Teams Balanced? Why do blowouts occur?

The biggest problem has to do with player ratings.  Teams are balanced based on the rating of the coach of the players at the end of last season.  And next season, it is your rating of the players this season that will be used to balance the teams.  Sometimes, players change radically from one year to the next, and there's nothing we can do about that.  What you can do, the coach, is to really focus on the player rating at the end of the year, and do your best for the next year. 

What (NOT) to do

  • Do not tell your team you want them to stop playing so hard because the score is too high.  
  • Do not tell them to stop scoring.  This is no fun for anybody.  
  • Do give them additional challenges that make it harder to score.  This keeps all the players in the game on both sides and provides an opportunity to teach additional game skills appropriate to each side.

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